Waitlist Letter

Here’s what a waitlist letter looks like:

Dear Ms. A.J.:

The Admissions Committee has reviewed your application for admission to the fall 2010 entering class. The Committee was favorably impressed with your application and would like to place you on our waitlist.

A number of confirmed students withdraw for various reasons, resulting in vacancies in the entering class. We cannot predict the number or timing of these openings. Over the past several years, openings have occurred throughout the summer and as late as the first day of orientation in August. Your chances for admission increase the longer you can remain on the waitlist. As well, any new information you wish to submit for your file will be welcomed; this includes: new letters of recommendation, any updates to your resume, new honors, awards or acknowledgements, or any new academic information.

The waitlist is not ranked. When a position in the class opens, the committee will review all applicants currently remaining on the waitlist. If you want to be included on the waitlist, please return the enclosed postcard by March 26, 2010. [I did return it.]

Financial aid will remain available to students offered admission from the waitlist. Financial aid at CU includes Federal Direct Stafford, GradPLUS loans, private loans and other institutional and law school grants and scholarships. Visit our web site at [blah] for 7 Steps to Financial Aid and Commonly Asked Law School Financial Aid Questions designed to acquaint you with the financial aid process.

We thank you for your patience with the process and your continued interest in Colorado Law.


[Assistant Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid]

Here is an Acceptance Letter.



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