Sample Logical Reasoning Questions

Just to give you an idea of what the LSAT can be like, here are a couple of questions from the Logical Reasoning section of one of the prep-tests. Give yourself, on average, about 1.4 minute to read and answer each question.

Question 1

Some critics claim that it is unfair that so many great works of art are housed in huge metropolitan museums, since the populations served by these museums already have access to a wide variety of important artwork. But this criticism is in principle unwarranted because the limited number of masterpieces makes wider distribution of them impractical. Besides, if a masterpiece is to be fully appreciated, it must be seen alongside other works that provide a social and historical context for it.

Which one of the following, if established, could most logically serve as the principle appealed to in the argument counting the critics’ claim?

  1. In providing facilities to the public, the goal should be to ensure that as many as possible of those people who could benefit from the facilities are able to do so.
  2. In providing facilities to the public, the goal should be to ensure that the greatest possible number of people gain the greatest benefit possible from them.
  3. It is unreasonable to enforce a redistribution of social goods that involves depriving some members of society of these goods in order to supply others.
  4. For it to be reasonable to criticize an arrangement as unfair, there must be a more equitable arrangement that is practically attainable.
  5. A work of art should be displayed in conditions resembling as closely as possible those in which the work was originally intended to be displayed.

Correct answer: 4

Question 2

A careful review of hospital fatalities due to anesthesia during the last 20 years indicates that the most significant safety improvements resulted from better training of anesthetists. Equipment that monitors a patient’s oxygen and carbon dioxide levels was not available in most operating rooms during the period under review. Therefore, the increased use of such monitoring equipment in operating rooms will not significantly cut fatalities due to anesthesia.

A flaw in the argument is that

  1. the evidence cited to show that one factor led to a certain result is not sufficient to show that a second factor will not also lead to that result
  2. the reasons given in support of the conclusion presuppose the truth of that conclusion
  3. the evidence cited to show that a certain factor was absent when a certain result occurred does not show that the absence of that factor caused that result
  4. the evidence cited in support of the conclusion is inconsistent with other information that is provided
  5. the reason indicated for the claim that one event caused a second more strongly supports the claim that both events were independent effects of a third event

Correct answer: 1


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