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Wait mode

January 21, 2010

Wow, amazing how quickly a letter of recommendation can be posted to LSAC when it’s signed. My third and final LOR — the one I’ve been stressing over — posted to LSAC today. It took just one week from the day of mailing. To think everything could have been done by Christmas.* Unbelievable.

CU has been sent a second report with the second LOR, but DU has yet to receive the second report. I’m not exactly sure why this is. Maybe some of you can tell me. I’m thinking the school has to request it first? Anyway, hopefully that’ll happen soon. It doesn’t look like there’s anything I can do via LSAC to move it along.

I am officially in wait mode. (Wait–haven’t I been doing that for a while now?) Waiting for acceptance or rejection. Realistically, I’m expecting an acceptance from DU and a rejection/waitlist from CU. What I have going for me is a good GPA and a strong personal statement.

The school I want to attend is DU. It’s not quite as prestigious, but from a practical standpoint, the commute will be a lot easier on me. The LightRail stops right at the school. Also, I prefer being one of the top incoming 1L’s as opposed to one of the bottom, as I would be at CU. I visited DU and I really like the place; I feel comfortable there. I haven’t visited CU, so I can’t compare.

Tuition for DU is around $36,000/year. In-state tuition for CU is around $22,000/year. That is why so many people try to get into CU. I’m not sure what kind of a chance I have, but I am really hoping for a sizeable scholarship from DU, in order to make it affordable. I’m sure I can get loans to cover it, but a scholarship would really be nice. Cross your fingers for me!

*Theoretically, since my personal statement hadn’t been written before Christmas.


The horrid wait is finally over

January 19, 2010

My second LOR finally came in today! No, it’s not the one I’ve been moaning about — the one I really want because it’s a professional reference, and a strong one. This one is a volunteer reference. Which I’m hoping is strong, but not really sure.

But you know what? IT’S A SECOND LETTER! It allowed me to complete my applications! So now the schools will start reviewing my application, and hopefully I will start hearing back from them sooner rather than later.

I will still attach my professional LOR when it comes because I think it can still be useful. But now, I am just relieved. Thank God that awful wait is finally over!


I’m going to have an aneurysm

January 15, 2010

(And yes, I did look up the word “aneurysm” to make sure I spelled it correctly — and I did. Whew!)

It has now been a month since my recommender mailed his LOR off to LSAC. I have been going nuts, wondering if it was ever going to post to my web account. In fact, I was lifting my hand to the phone to call them to see if we could get to the bottom of this, when I saw an email from my recommender in my Inbox.

He didn’t. Sign. The damn. LETTER!

Oh my golly gee whiz. This is so frustrating! I sent a cover letter with the form stating that he MUST sign the letter.

Welp. Now I know why it’s taken so long, and he has assured me he is mailing a signed copy today. So let’s hope it doesn’t take so long to post to LSAC this time around!

So I take it back. LSAC, you don’t suck. Although this process could’ve been a little speedier, it really wasn’t your fault. I’m sorry.



January 9, 2010

My second LOR still has not posted to What. Is. Going. On?

Anyone else having this problem, too?


Doing the Dirty Deed

January 5, 2010

Yep, I did it. I officially applied to law school. I decided my personal essay was finally good enough, proofread the applications, resume and addendums, and sent those suckers off. I am still missing one letter of recommendation, but I decided to go ahead and get the applications off and attach the LOR when it finally gets posted to LSAC.

I did that yesterday. And wouldn’t you know it, but DU sent me a marketing email today (finally!) offering to waive my application fee. Urgh! I don’t know how kosher it is, but I sent them an email asking if it’s possible to get my fee refunded in light of their offer.

Oddly enough, I got another email from DU giving me a link to track my application status (different departments, obviously). That’s pretty cool. For CU, I have to send in a certification letter and check via snail mail, so I’m not expecting to get any response from them until they log that.

So, save for the missing LOR, I’m el done-o with the whole application process. Whew! It was brutal, eh. Next step is to wait, wait, wait for a yea or nay!


Rough Draft

December 29, 2009

of personal statement is finally done. Editing process is going well. Still have to shave 29 words off and fit it onto two pages (it’s getting there).

Still waiting on 2nd LOR to come through. It’s been two weeks since I was informed he mailed it. Is it supposed to take this long?!


First LOR!

December 16, 2009

I’m just kind of laying low right now, waiting for my LSAT score to come in. I’ve been keeping busy with other things, namely work and family life. Christmas is just a few days away and I’m focused on that, not law school.

I did want to mention, though, that my first letter of recommendation finally appeared on! I’m very excited about that because honestly, I was getting a little nervous about it. I’m expecting a couple of others; they’ve been in touch with me, but haven’t gotten it done yet. I suppose it’s time to send a friendly little reminder.

Today’s letter is the one I was really counting on, though. Since I’ve been out of school for so long, I was relying on the professor for the one course I took last spring as my academic reference. I built a good rapport with him, and I’m certain he wrote an excellent letter. I was bummed that it’s not viewable on, though!

Still haven’t written my personal statement. Bad girl … well, with that LOR coming in, I’m a little more motivated to work on that.

Update: Just got an email from my second-most-important LOR writer, saying his letter is in the mail. This one is a professional reference, an author whose book I edited a few years ago. We worked together a long time on his book, and he says he wrote a letter that is bound to get me into law school. (We’ll see.) :-) I’m so excited! I can officially apply to schools now … as soon as I get that personal statement written.