‘Twas the Summer before Law School

July 1, 2010

It’s time for a new post. I’ve been riding the inertia for long enough. Besides, the volume of emails I’ve been getting from DU has picked up, so I know things are gearing up for next month. You know — the month when law school starts. (Gaahhhhh!)

Regardless of what my previous post would suggest, I actually do have a plan to prepare me for law school. The plan is to become so completely bored and disgusted with myself over my lack of routine over the summer that I am absolutely dying to go back to school, even law school. So far, it is working. Like a charm. I’ve been off schedule for less than a month and I am already going stir-crazy. I have no desire to live a life of endless, unproductive days, but sometimes I need to live a few just to remind myself of that fact. Now and then, I need to give myself reason to crave routine. It’s easy to forget when I’m busy.

The only summer task that I have left to complete is copy my immunization record and mail it to the school. Thanks to last year’s college course, I already have my MMR shots and so I don’t need to get poked this summer. A small blessing, to be sure, but a blessing nonetheless!

I am also watching for the magical money to arrive (federal student loans–thanks, Big Brother!) so that I know they will let me do this.

My orientation packet arrived in the mail today. If the schedule is any indication, it looks like four long days of very dry stuff (I know, I know, don’t say it!). But I guess Campus Safety is really important. I’ll be picking up my books and getting my student ID card and things like that, too. Nerves!!! Excitement!!! Nerves!!!

I checked webCentral and found that my first four courses have been assigned to me (or I to them — is probably more accurate). Though I still don’t know the class times (which is what I REALLY want to know), I am to be attending:

  • Civil Procedure
  • Criminal Law
  • Lawyering Process I
  • Torts

I should also take this opportunity to complain that my student ID number is 9 digits with no memorable sequence whatsoever. Usually, there’s a 2-4-8 in there, or a 3-6-9, or a 2-6-4-6 or something to latch onto. This time? Nothing. Nada. I must remember it anyway, because to DU I am not a name, I am a number.



  1. Because I was afraid this comment would be lost in the other thread, reposting.

    Completely unrelated: best advice I ever got or gave re: blogging about law school. DON’T BLOG WITH YOUR PROFESSORS’ NAMES IN THE POSTS. They did not ask for you to contribute to their google footprint and may not appreciate it, even if its all positive and well-intentioned. Refer to each as Prof. Torts or Prof. Crim. You are open about the law school you are attending and your class schedule — people who want to figure out which prof it is will do so.

    Was once upon a time a thirtysomething law student with a kid and a husband in Iraq, and have been a blogger since pre-L in 2006.


    • Thanks for your genuine advice. :-) I am taking your advice and deleting the names now.

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