May 19, 2010

We’ve now entered the period of waiting, the time between the tuition deposit and Orientation Week. The only law school-related item I have to share is that I took myself off CU’s waitlist. They sent me a mass email saying “be patient,” but reading between the lines, the reality is, “it’s highly unlikely.” No matter, I’d made my decision. I responded and said they may take me off their waitlist.

Another $300 tuition deposit is due June 10, and I am prepared to make that. Otherwise, I am just taking it easy. I am resting my brain. My intent is to enjoy my “Last Summer of Freedom” to the fullest. I am going to do fun things with the kids. I’m going to laze by the pool. I’m going to read books for fun. I am going to start school refreshed and rejuvenated. I’m making a conscious decision NOT to submerse myself in all things legal or school-related. There is plenty of time for that in the span of my 30-40-year career ahead of me. For now, this summer is designated “me time.” The end of an era, the beginning of a new one.

So until then, toodle-do!



  1. Totally the right attitude – enjoy the summer. Lots of people ask me whether they should take a program to prepare them and/or what books they should read. I always say, take the time to travel and see movies and enjoy. Read mystery/suspense novels because once you’re in law school you figure out the clues and it’s no fun any more. Enjoy your summer.

  2. Hi. Im seeing myself as the understudy in the play of your life. Im a 30 yr old woman recently married (2 months — yay!!) with a double bachelor’s in science…parental aspirations to go to medical school…and instead sitting at home for the past two months because the job market for my field stinks.

    My husband is ultra supportive and already assured me that should I choose to go back to school, he will support me full force. So perhaps, this is my chance. This is my chance to go back to school…because I can now.

    Im thinking about law. Its a profession Ive always admired. But having taken the LSATs before with friends as a fluke, Ive become terrified of the logic games.

    I love your blog! Its the perfect outline for applying; very open, very honest. The scariest part for me is rejection.

    The idea of trying and failing has always daunted me. But now, to try and fail in front of my husbands family is an even scarier thought.

    Is there a test that you;ve come across that lets you know whether or not you will be good in Law School? I am pretty good at being analytical…I can see both sides to most all stories… but Im not very outspoken. Im an introvert for most of the time, until I get to know people. Im not sure if having a meek personality will necessarily be a hindrance in the future in this career.

  3. Hi – statistically, the LSAT is the test to see how you do in law school. If you study for the LSAT properly, the score is meant to indicate how you will compete at different schools. Statistically, it works as a predictor but not always. I would focus less on whether you will fail, and more on whether you really want to practice law. Spend some time seeing what lawyers do before you make a decision. There is not just one personality type for attorneys – there are many kinds. Transactional and in-house attorneys almost never go to court!

  4. Hi BrownGirl! Ann is definitely more qualified to answer your questions, but I will add that I’ve seen several comments on the interwebs that practicing law can actually be a good career for introverts. I, myself, am an introvert, and even though the thought of “conflict” scares me a little, I also know that real courtroom situations are nothing like TV. I’ve been to hearings before, and as far as I can tell, they tend to be very procedural, calm, may I even say, “Boring?” (Gasp!)

    But Ann is correct. There are a lot of people who CAN go to law school, but whether you WANT to practice law is another story. Doing it to make your family happy or for status or even validation are NOT good reasons to go. There is a ton of information out there to help you decide if law is a good field for you.

    I’m glad you like my blog! One reason I’ve been doing it like I have is because I had a LOT of questions that no one seemed to be addressing, like what’s going on if a letter of recommendation isn’t showing up in LSAC? Or, what is a 1L’s real schedule of classes like? So I am putting that information out there as I learn it. Someone’s gotta do it!

    Thanks for visiting!

    • AJ – if you ever have questions, I’m happy to answer them, or do a blog interview. Just let me know.

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