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April 24, 2010

I’ve got quite a bit of down time for a while, as far as law school is concerned, so I thought I’d do another Top Searches post. It’s clear that most people coming to my blog are looking for information, so I’m happy to help where I can. My first Top Searches post is here, which dealt especially with missing LORs and LSAT questions.

The term “waitlist letter” or variations thereof is turning out to be the number one search topic for visitors to my blog. The waitlist letter I got from the University of Colorado is here. Feel free to leave a comment when you visit–as far as I can tell, mine is the only waitlist letter out there. As of today, I haven’t heard from them again with either an acceptance or a rejection. (I’m not planning to attend this school anyway.) CU hasn’t asked me for a letter or essay or any other work for consideration for their school, as I know some schools do.

I wish I could help visitors out with specific details of how schools’ waitlists work, but I honestly don’t know if that stuff is available on the Internet.

The term “acceptance letter” or variations thereof is my second-most popular search term. You can find the acceptance letter I got from the University of Denver here. This is the school I am attending, and I’m very excited to be joining the DU family. I’ve visited this school twice and feel very much at home there.

entry level lawyer salary
Good for you for researching this topic, as there are undoubtedly a lot of misconceptions about what attorneys make, especially newly minted ones. I posted my findings here.

personal statement for stay at home mum/mom
It’s a little intimidating to be writing a personal statement after years of staying home with the kids, but it can be done. I’m no expert, but I wrote my tips here. Let’s just hope you’ve been doing some volunteer work or something in the meantime.

do law students like sarah palin?
YES! At least, this one does. I get that most law students are liberals and therefore think they are superior to someone as successful and popular as Sarah Palin. But personally, I think she’s incredibly intelligent and talented, and I love her.

catchy thesis sentence for law school personal statement
You’re going to have to come up with your own. Because, you know, it’s personal. A catchy opening line is probably what you want, as your thesis sentence should state your purpose.

getting those last few questions right lsat
May I direct you to my side bar, where I have a few very helpful LSAT blogs listed?

i got my acceptance letter to law school
Me too!!!

Another popular search. You can go to hourumd.com to find out your chances of getting into your law schools of choice.

this law has begun
Begun to …. what?

taking the lsat over age 30
The good news is, you can take the LSAT at any age! I don’t think it matters how old you are, and I don’t believe that younger test takers have an advantage. Prepare, prepare, prepare — take LOTS of practice tests. Lots of them.

how to enter law school as a mature student
The same way as any other student. You join LSAC, sign up for the LSAT (prepare, prepare, prepare!), get your letters of recommendation, write a personal statement, and apply. If you haven’t been to school in a while, you’re going to have to depend on letters of recommendation from a professional colleague or boss. For me, that was the hardest part. When it comes to the personal essay, however, I believe mature students have a strong edge over younger ones. Something about a rich life experience makes you a much more interesting person.

is 3 years a long time to be with someone
Um, no. The shortest relationship I have at the moment is 6-1/2 years, and that’s my son. However, if you’re dating someone and it’s been three years, then yes, that is a long time to be dating. Everything’s subjective, though, and I am NOT a relationship advisor.

why am i slow at analytical reasoning?
Because it’s hard. The good news is, it improves with practice. Look, I took probably about 15 practice tests total, and that still wasn’t enough. The LSAT blogs listed in my right sidebar also have a lot of good tips. A class may help you also, though I personally didn’t find it necessary. I found that once I was able to recognize the type of game it is and how to diagram it, it went a lot faster and easier.

TIP: The third game of the analytical reasoning section is almost always the hardest one. Do that game last.

157 lsat
Join the 157 club. I took the test again and got a 160. It’s worth considering.

set yourself apart from other law students
I struggled a LOT with this. I finally resorted to taking a perceived “flaw” of mine and leveraged it as a strength. Think about areas of personal struggle in your life (your “I could write a book about this” moments) and see if there’s anything there that built character or led you to the path you’re on today.

glad that something is over
Hahaha! Hello to the LSAT.

husband of a law student
Oooh, I feel bad for you. The next few years are going to be trying. If I can offer you one piece of advice, it’s this: give her the space she needs so she can focus on her work and succeed. If she’s constantly distracted by everyone else’s problems, it’s going to result in resentment on both sides at the end of the three years. At the same time, be there for her; be supportive; let her vent or cry when she needs to. Life will come back into balance again, but for now let her take center stage.

waiting law school drives me crazy
I hear you. It’s the worst part, hands down.

lsat cold score 150
The median score is 151, so you have a little work to do, depending on what law school you want to attend. If you want a Tier 1 school, you’re looking at a minimum of 160. If you’re looking at a Top 14 school, you’re looking at a minimum of 170. The good news is, with a bit of work, you can get there. My first cold score was 152 and I ended up with a 160 (I took the test twice). However, if you’re looking at a Tier 3 school, you’re in good shape.

lsac missing letter of recommendation
Oh, the story of my life. Chances are, the blame for this lies squarely on the recommender. Check with him/her first.

lonely thirty something loss
Not sure where this was going, but if you’re lonely, it’s time to volunteer. That’s the best way, bar none, to meet quality people. 

30 something law student
Oooh, someone was looking for me! Awesome! ;-) 

cu vs du law
CU is a Tier 1 school (ranked 38 in USNWR 2010, 4-way tie), while DU is a Tier 2 school (ranked 80, 6-way tie). They are the only two law schools in Colorado, which is obviously why I chose them. With my LSAT of 160 and GPA of 3.59, I was waitlisted at CU and accepted at DU with a scholarship. CU’s bar passage rate is quite a bit higher than DU’s, though it appears that in the last year CU slipped slightly while DU improved. I have never visited CU, so I don’t know about the environment of the campus. DU’s campus, however, is very warm and inviting. I immediately felt at home there. One person I talked to said that CU felt disconnected. DU’s staff is very friendly and helpful, and I think it also attracts students who are not out to cut throats in order to get ahead. I chose DU mainly because of my commute, but after visiting the campus twice, I am VERY happy with the school and I feel confident that I’ll get an excellent law education there. 

i wish i never went to law school
You were probably in it for the wrong reasons to begin with. Law school is something that I find a lot of negative feedback about on the Internet. I even had a total stranger tweet me on Twitter that I will regret going (thanks for the unsolicited advice, twerp). I think a lot of people go to law school without analyzing whether it’s a good fit for them, or without researching what a career in law is really like. It’s no surprise then, that both law school and a law career can be really disappointing.

what motivates you to go to law school
This is my favorite search term of all. It asks the question that every prospective or even current law student should be asking of themselves. Because without motivation, it can be really difficult to soldier on through something that challenging. In fact, the person from the previous search term should have asked themselves this question before wasting their time and money on law school. If you can’t answer this question, then law school is not for you.

My motivations are spelled out here and here and here:

  • I wanted a job that will stimulate me intellectually.
  • I wanted a job that will at least make as much as my husband does so that if anything happens I can support myself and kids.
  • I wanted a job that will bring me into contact with community leaders.
  • I wanted a job that will make a difference in people’s lives.
  • I may add more as time goes on.

    should i retake the lsat 163
    It depends on what law schools you want to apply to. If you’re after a Tier 2 or lower school, you’re sitting pretty. If you’re after a Tier 1 school, however, you’ll need to do a little better. A 163 can get you into CU, which is ranked 38th, but you’ll need to consider a couple of other things: a) Do you want to be one of the top incoming students, or in the middle-to-bottom? I should be in the top 50% of students going into DU, and I’m much more comfortable with that than I would be being in the bottom 25% of students going into CU. b) Do you need a scholarship? Even though I probably would have gotten into DU with my 157 LSAT score, I probably wouldn’t have gotten the scholarship I needed/wanted. My 160 score gave me that edge, and I got a scholarship that I’m very happy with. So if you feel that you can get a better score, a little extra time and another LSAT fee is worth the thousands of dollars you could get in scholarships or to that next level of school.

    du law school 158 lsat
    You shouldn’t have a problem getting in. 158 is just under their 2009 median score of 159. If you’re after a scholarship, though, I recommend shooting for a 160 if you can. Look at Law School Numbers to see how you stack up compared to other admitted students who are getting scholarships.

    lsac lor posting times
    If it takes more than a couple of weeks, check with your recommender that a) he sent the letter and b) he signed it.

    from lawyer to technical writer
    Hehe, I am going from technical writer to lawyer. I found technical writing to be an incredibly unfulfilling career, but then I’m not interested in computer technology. I will say, though, that (not having been a lawyer) I can see how the two are related and can help each other out. Technical writing certainly is a rigid and methodical way of writing. If you’re a good writer and interested in technology, it could be a great fit.

    reading comprehension is strongest on lsat
    Hate to break it to you, but that’s true for just about everyone.

    where did sarah palin go to law school
    Um, she did not go to law school, which is entirely to her credit. She majored in Journalism.

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