Student loan provision killing jobs

April 22, 2010

I’ve been trying to come up with something real to write, but in the meantime, here is an article regarding the student loan provision of the “health care” bill. There’s plenty of liberal brainwashing available for law students, so I will be trying to link to articles with a conservative perspective when I can.

Obama student loan takeover kills 500 local jobs

Sallie Mae informed the 500 employees at its Killeen call center this week that it would begin shutting down in 60 days as a result of President Barack Obama’s federal takeover of the student loan industry. …

The student loan reform, which was attached to the Democrats’ health care takeover as a way to improve the budget score, prohibits private companies from making federal student loans.

“The administration claims to be focused on creating jobs, but this is more evidence that the policies they force down our throats don’t consider jobs and local economies in the slightest,” Carter said. …

Nationwide, Sallie Mae said it will eliminate 2,500 jobs because of the student loan reform, which goes into effect July 1.

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