The blood drawing has begun

April 5, 2010

I’m expecting law school-related news to trickle in from here to August. DU does a good job of reminding me of their presence, though. Today I got an email reminding me that it’s time to start drawing blood: the first tuition deposit ($300) is due by April 29. Yeah, I had forgotten that this is going to cost me an arm and a leg. Thanks.

I’ve been checking for my financial aid award, which is supposed to be made available “in April,” but nothing’s there yet. I think all the waiting is what drives me crazy the most. The whole process, from beginning to end, has been a test of my already saintly patience.

They said I can join the DU 2010 Admitted Students group on Facebook. That’s pretty cool. I’m looking forward to meeting my fellow students. I’ve also been reading up on their admitted student page. The main thing I learned there was that they charge for parking. A LOT. I guess they just can’t eke it out of our $36K+ tuition.

So here’s what they expect my costs to be:

Tuition            $36,480
Fees               $   672 (Does this include parking? Ha!)
Books              $ 1,749
Health Insurance   $ 2,550
Room               $ 6,975
Board              $ 2,988
Personal Expenses  $ 1,269 (How they get this figure, I don't know)
Transportation     $ 1,176
Total              $53,859

Some things, like room and board, transportation, and health insurance don’t really apply to me since those are things I already have and are in our regular budget. With my scholarship, that leaves about $22K left to finance. I’m hoping my financial aid award covers it.

I have signed up for the Summer Preview class, which is a week-long, full-day seminar the week before orientation. I decided to do this to just prepare myself and get in the mindset. I want to go into class feeling like I know what to expect–sort of. Other than this, I’m not planning to spend my summer preparing. I’m planning to spend my summer enjoying my last summer of freedom.

Orientation week begins August 9, I think. So it’s kind of like going to school before it even starts. Awesome.

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