Class visit

April 1, 2010

As part of DU’s Admitted Students Open House, I attended a Criminal Law class this evening. Positive sign: not only was I able to follow it, I actually found it interesting! (For the most part.) We visitors got there before the students and took up the last row. I was feeling kind of old until the students walked in … then, not so much. There were plenty of, shall we say, mature students. Of course, this was the night division, which is for working adults. I’ll be in the day division, so we’ll see how different the students are (if at all).

So before class started, a few of us chatted about our admissions experiences, or rather, one girl talked. And talked. And talked. These are actual things she said; I am not exaggerating or making things up:

“I was really considering Wake Forest, but then I got a full ride to here and I was like, there’s no way I’m turning down a full ride!”

“The people at Wake Forest were really pretentious, like all they talked about was how smart they are and where they went to school and who their parents are. Nobody cares, seriously! I would never fit in there.”

“At first, I was doing what everyone wanted me to do, that’s why I went into Broadcasting. But you don’t need an education to do that. All I learned to do is look pretty and talk eloquently.”

She majored in Legal Studies and Public Policy. “I got a really great job offer, I mean, I can’t even conceieve of that kind of money. I know myself well enough to know that I couldn’t handle that kind of money. And bills! That’s why I decided to stay in school for now.”

When I asked when she graduated: “Oh, I’m just 20 years old. I’m graduating this year with two degrees.”

And the people at Wake Forest are pretentious. She may be a genius, but clearly maturity and brains are not mutually inclusive.

Though she did say she thought I looked like a recent graduate, so she did earn a few brownie points with me on that.

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