FAFSA completed

March 26, 2010

This is totally not worth its own blog post, but as I am using this blog as sort of a diary for myself, I should mention that I finally completed the FAFSA tonight. It was a lot less painful than I expected. I thought they’d be asking for a lot more detail.

Of course, the older you get, the more complicated these things get. You go from one W-2 and a checking account at 22 to several investments, property, savings/checking, and who knows what else at 33 (okay, mostly thanks to my husband, who is … older).

Yay loans.

On Deck:

  • DU’s Admitted Students Open House and class visit on April 1 & 2
  • Looking for Financial Aid info sometime in April
  • Paying the first deposit by April 29
  • Submitting official transcripts
  • Completing immunization form (thanks to Regis, I already have the required MMR)
  • Paying the second deposit by June 10
  • Attending DU’s Law School Prep seminar in August

They never really let us forget about law school at any time, do they?

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