No news is…no news

March 16, 2010

Yes, I actually AM writing a post just to say I don’t have anything to write about.

See, the thing is … life does not always revolve around law school. Obviously. I’m not in it yet. Right now, our cabin is taking front and center in our lives, not to mention this is generally a pretty busy time of year for school kids.

I have not received a word about any scholarship to DU, so I take that to mean I haven’t gotten one. I just left a message with the Admissions Dean so I can talk to him about that. We’ll see if that goes anywhere. I am going to ask him if I defer enrollment for a year, would that improve my chances of getting a scholarship? (Basically putting me at the head of the line for Fall 2011.) If so, I will consider that option.

Still haven’t heard from CU. I guess it doesn’t really matter — I don’t want to go there anyway. Bottom line, the location is just too far for me to commute there daily.

Update: OK, so I literally clicked “Publish” and then went to check the mail, and what did I see but a letter from CU. A small, thin letter. You know what that means. I was waitlisted. Which I pretty much expected.

Read the Waitlist letter

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