March 4, 2010


I finally received my first acceptance email today! It is from the college I want to attend: DU Sturm College of Law. I am still waiting to hear from CU, but honestly, that is my back-up plan.

The email said nothing about a scholarship. I don’t know if they include that information with the acceptance letter, if it’s separate, or if it just means I’m not getting a scholarship. Looking at the data from Law School Numbers, I theoretically should be getting a scholarship. If I’m not, that’s a problem. Tuition at DU is over $36K a year. Way too much, even if we get full financing. I was counting on getting one, so I am hoping to hear something about that. If anyone could shed some light on this, I would love to hear more about how it works.

I assume the official letter of acceptance will come in the mail. Looks like I’ll have to shell out my first chunk of change to secure my spot by the end of April. And so it begins.

Upward and onward!

Read the Acceptance Letter

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