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February 3, 2010

I enjoy seeing what search terms bring people to my blog. And then I realize people are looking for answers. So here are some answers for all you searchers out there. (Answers are based on my experience only; I am NOT an expert of ANY kind on the LSAT, LSAC, or law school in general!)


Yes. Yes, it is.

september 2009 lsat

Yeah. That one sucked.

 december 2009 lsat

That one sucked less hard.

law school admission lor missing

So, I’m not the only one with this problem, huh? First step: Check with your recommender and make sure they actually sent the letter. Second step: Wait forever for it to come back because the recommender forgot to sign the letter.

inspiration for lsat

Ummm, sorry, can’t help you there. I found the lsat to be very uninspiring. The best inspiration is good preparation. There is no substitute for practice tests. Lots and lots of practice tests. And click on the LSAT Blogs in my sidebar; they have lots of great advice.

analytical reasoning questions and answers

You came to the right place. Click the appropriate link under “Pages” in my sidebar.

lor still not posted to lsac

I’m sensing a theme here. This is because your recommender did not sign his letter, or missed some other requirement. In my case, it added a month of time.

really nervous about the lsat

Join the club! Get a good night’s sleep, eat a large, healthy breakfast, be as prepared as possible in every way, and then tell yourself it’s not THAT big a deal. (It is, but it helps to lie to yourself sometimes.)

law sample logic reasoning questions

Again, look under “Pages” for the link.

30 something law student

You too?! You’d better leave a comment. I’m lonely here.

goal statement of a law student

To get a job as a lawyer.

157 lsat score

You too, huh? It’s none too shabby, but not exactly the 174 you were going for, right? The good news is, taking the LSAT a second time raised my score three points. Try it. The only thing better than taking the LSAT is taking it TWICE.

secret to top lsat score

Looking for a way to work the system? Good luck with that. I have four words for you: DOZENS OF PRACTICE TESTS. Romantic, isn’t it? It also helps to be really smart.

30 something law school

30-something law schools? Law schools that are 30-something? Not sure what’s going on here…

10 point increase on lsat

Good luck with that.

six reviewers frank, george lsat

Oh boy. I’m clearly out of my depth here. But thanks for visiting!

lsat scores and missed 30

Missed 30 questions? That’ll put you in the 150s range if I’m not mistaken.

“if lena reviews seasonings”

What the…? Oh, yes. It is part of a logic games sample I put on here. This just demonstrates how flippin’ NUTS the LSAT is.

“law student” mature

At my age, I hesitate to use the term “mature.” I am still in my early 30s–barely. But given the ample evidence that some people never really left high school, it doesn’t take much to be “mature.”

158 lsat tier 2?/minimum lsat gpa tier 3 full scholarship

The whole “tier 1,” “tier 2,” “tier 3,” etc. thing is something I really don’t understand. I mean, if your whole goal is to get into a certain “tier,” maybe you’re missing the point. I don’t even know which “tiers” DU and CU fall in. I chose these schools because of location. And I chose DU over CU even though it’s lower rated because of other practical considerations. So don’t come here looking for “tier” advice. No one will impress me with their “tier” status.

is it easier to get into du law part time?

No. At least, they said nothing at Discovery Day to indicate so. Admissions standards are the same for either program.

missing one letter of recommendation

Pervasive problem, this seems to be. Here’s a tip: I asked for four letters in case I had trouble collecting the two required letters. That way, I had a backup. Of the four, three sent letters. One didn’t sign his letter, so it was delayed a month. My backup plan came in handy.

can i apply before my lor’s are in lsac

Sure you can, but it will do you NO GOOD whatsoever. I know this because I did it. Basically, LSAC will send an “incomplete” report to the schools to which you are applying, and they’re not even going to bother to look at it until it is complete, even if they could, which they can’t. In fact, in the case of DU, I would have been better off waiting because my updated report hasn’t been sent even two weeks after my lors came in, whereas it would have been sent immediately upon a complete application.

lowest lsat du will accept

This graph may be helpful in determining your chances. Looks like it’s a 154; anything lower than that is waitlisted or rejected.

law personal statement stay at home mom

I feel your pain. This is tough, because even though we SAHMs feel like we’re doing the right thing by our kids, we also feel like we’ve sacrificed our careers or chances at a career by “doing nothing” (society’s perception of us) for years at a time. Personally, I felt that being involved in volunteer work during my SAHM years was my saving grace. I didn’t get paid for it, but I gained a lot of valuable experience. I would really push that point. I really emphasized my leadership qualities. Also, in my statement I took the angle of why waiting for law school is actually a benefit, instead of a liability. It’s all about spin.

how quickly will lsac process lor

IF your recommender actually signs his damn letter, my letters took about a week. If there is a problem with the letter, it will take longer. Much. Much. Longer.



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