Wait mode

January 21, 2010

Wow, amazing how quickly a letter of recommendation can be posted to LSAC when it’s signed. My third and final LOR — the one I’ve been stressing over — posted to LSAC today. It took just one week from the day of mailing. To think everything could have been done by Christmas.* Unbelievable.

CU has been sent a second report with the second LOR, but DU has yet to receive the second report. I’m not exactly sure why this is. Maybe some of you can tell me. I’m thinking the school has to request it first? Anyway, hopefully that’ll happen soon. It doesn’t look like there’s anything I can do via LSAC to move it along.

I am officially in wait mode. (Wait–haven’t I been doing that for a while now?) Waiting for acceptance or rejection. Realistically, I’m expecting an acceptance from DU and a rejection/waitlist from CU. What I have going for me is a good GPA and a strong personal statement.

The school I want to attend is DU. It’s not quite as prestigious, but from a practical standpoint, the commute will be a lot easier on me. The LightRail stops right at the school. Also, I prefer being one of the top incoming 1L’s as opposed to one of the bottom, as I would be at CU. I visited DU and I really like the place; I feel comfortable there. I haven’t visited CU, so I can’t compare.

Tuition for DU is around $36,000/year. In-state tuition for CU is around $22,000/year. That is why so many people try to get into CU. I’m not sure what kind of a chance I have, but I am really hoping for a sizeable scholarship from DU, in order to make it affordable. I’m sure I can get loans to cover it, but a scholarship would really be nice. Cross your fingers for me!

*Theoretically, since my personal statement hadn’t been written before Christmas.

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