I’m going to have an aneurysm

January 15, 2010

(And yes, I did look up the word “aneurysm” to make sure I spelled it correctly — and I did. Whew!)

It has now been a month since my recommender mailed his LOR off to LSAC. I have been going nuts, wondering if it was ever going to post to my web account. In fact, I was lifting my hand to the phone to call them to see if we could get to the bottom of this, when I saw an email from my recommender in my Inbox.

He didn’t. Sign. The damn. LETTER!

Oh my golly gee whiz. This is so frustrating! I sent a cover letter with the form stating that he MUST sign the letter.

Welp. Now I know why it’s taken so long, and he has assured me he is mailing a signed copy today. So let’s hope it doesn’t take so long to post to LSAC this time around!

So I take it back. LSAC, you don’t suck. Although this process could’ve been a little speedier, it really wasn’t your fault. I’m sorry.

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