Doing the Dirty Deed

January 5, 2010

Yep, I did it. I officially applied to law school. I decided my personal essay was finally good enough, proofread the applications, resume and addendums, and sent those suckers off. I am still missing one letter of recommendation, but I decided to go ahead and get the applications off and attach the LOR when it finally gets posted to LSAC.

I did that yesterday. And wouldn’t you know it, but DU sent me a marketing email today (finally!) offering to waive my application fee. Urgh! I don’t know how kosher it is, but I sent them an email asking if it’s possible to get my fee refunded in light of their offer.

Oddly enough, I got another email from DU giving me a link to track my application status (different departments, obviously). That’s pretty cool. For CU, I have to send in a certification letter and check via snail mail, so I’m not expecting to get any response from them until they log that.

So, save for the missing LOR, I’m el done-o with the whole application process. Whew! It was brutal, eh. Next step is to wait, wait, wait for a yea or nay!

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