Happy Dance!

December 28, 2009

I woke up this morning to find my December LSAT score sitting in my Inbox. Turns out, it was worth taking the test again, after all! September’s score: 157. December’s score:


I’m very happy with a 3-point improvement, and that score is what I was originally shooting for. It brings me from “maybe having a chance” for getting into CU and DU to “having a solid chance.”

Percentile-wise, I went from 72 to 81. Big difference!

Even though logic games was still not my strongest section, my score in that section improved dramatically. It really helped to study for it and having that section first instead of last. My logical analysis sections were also very strong (for me). In fact, one of the sections was my best ever, even on practice tests. Surprisingly, the reading comprehension section gave me a bit of trouble. I typically get no more than 4 questions wrong on that section, but for some reason I really struggled with it this time and got 9 wrong. If I had gotten 5 more questions right in that section, it would have put me at a 163. So that’s the only downer, but overall I’m happy.

Now it’s crunch time! I’ve got my personal statement 2/3 written. I’ve got to finish that this week, no excuses. I’m also waiting for LSAC to show the second LOR in the database. Until that comes in, I’m a little stuck, too. My goal is to apply to CU and DU before the end of the week. Wish me luck!

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