Glad THAT’S Over!

December 5, 2009

Today I took the LSAT for the second time in hopes of a higher score. I was so not into it this time. I don’t suppose that’s good, but at the same time — no nerves.

I won’t rehash the whole boring thing for you again, but I will point out some differences. This test was on the same campus as my first time but in a different building. The first time, I was tucked into a tiny little auditorium chair with an itty-bitty fold-down desk for work space. This time, I was in the actual Law building, which has roomy, cushy chairs and tables for work space. Nice!

Last time, they crammed several hundred people into the auditorium. This time, we were split up into classrooms, and I was in a room with about 50 others. The same room, in fact, where I spent Discovery Day. It’s a newish building, and DU is very proud of the fact that it is “green.” It’s beautiful, but apparently, green = freezing to them. My toes were like icicles.

The administration of the test was also radically different. Last time, the proctors were incompetent and probably overwhelmed. Procedures were lax, and it would have been so easy to cheat or at least bend the rules. This time, the proctors were very methodical and strict — which is fine with me.

Unfortunately, I had a sniffer/snorter sitting right behind me. It really started to get to me and I had trouble focusing. During the break I anonymously slipped him a stack of my tissues. He used them and the situation improved dramatically in the second half. I can handle the occasional sniff, cough, or sneeze … but chronic snorting of the snot back into the sinusus I CANNOT TAKE!

As far as the actual test … I’m guessing I did very similar to my first test. I am not expecting a big difference. I am cautiously optimistic, however. While last time logic games was my 5th section, this time it was my first section, which I was hoping for. Since it’s the most difficult section for me, I wanted to attack it with a fresh brain. In my experience, it’s better to complete only 18 questions and get 16 right, than to finish all 24 questions and get only 9 right. So I took it more slowly this time. I finished 20 out of 23 questions and I know for a fact that I got more questions right than last time.

The Logical Reasoning sections were pretty typical and I’m guessing I did about as well as I usually do.

I had two Reading Comprehension sections, so the first one is tossed. I’m glad about that because I didn’t feel real good about that one. I usually do pretty well on RC, but this time I surprised myself by taking much more time than usual to complete the sections. I’m not sure why that is … I can only hope that going slower means better accuracy. I’m a little concerned because the five-minute warning occurred while I was still reading the last passage, which means I rushed through the final five questions. On the up side, that passage was easier than the other three.

I did terrible on the writing section. I admit it. By that point I just didn’t care. I mean, it’s passable, but it’s not nearly as good as my first essay. Thank God it’s not scored. Now I am just hoping the admissions boards decide not to read that part. I don’t think it’s bad enough to hurt me, but not good enough to give me an edge. *sigh*

So now it’s wait-and-see. No matter what happens, this is definitely the last time I’m taking that test — EVER!

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