November 17, 2009

That darn personal statement is the ultimate thorn in my side. Even so, I am happy to report some progress! I sort of knew what direction I wanted to go with it, but wasn’t sure it was right. Wouldn’t want to make the wrong impression, you know. A little Facebook chat with my mom confirmed for me that I should go with it. If the same “challenges” stood out to her as were compelling me, then it is a theme I can run with.

A few months ago I jotted down lots of ideas, many of them disconnected and disjointed, but if you’ve ever brainstormed then you know how important it is to get those ideas down on paper before you forget them. I’ve been doing the same thing the last couple of days with a little more focus. Interestingly, going back and reading them in hindsight, the snippets I wrote about my “challenge” were by far the best and most interesting things I wrote down. They flowed and didn’t seem forced.

And now I’m ready to organize my thoughts. I’ve got a pretty catchy opening statement in mind, a thesis and supporting statements. Those are the bones, and now all I have to do is flesh it out. I’m happy that I’m finally getting somewhere with this! Some good planning should make it a strong essay. That English degree might not be good for much, but it sure comes in handy when writing essays to specialize in something else!

After all that writing will come loads of editing, of course, not to mention peer review. Settling on a subject was my biggest hurdle, and now that that’s cleared I can focus. Now to face my next hurdle — procrastination.

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