Wishing logic games were actually fun

November 9, 2009

I’m taking advantage of two weeks of relative quiet in my home to focus a lot on my LSAT prep, and logic games in particular. I bought a logic games tutorial at Border’s just so I can put extra emphasis on that. I can’t say I’m enjoying myself. I’ve done 10 games in the last 24 hours, and so far all I can say I’ve accomplished is that I’ve identified which type of game I like best: ordering.

Oh, did you know there are three types of games and some hybrids? No? Lucky you.

The book contains 100 games, and my hope is that by the time I reach 100 (if), I have a pretty good handle on it, at least enough to improve my score by at least 3 points in December.

I discovered it’s better to take my time and finish only 16 or 18 questions, rather than rush through and finish them all. Typically, when I finish only 3 games, I get almost all of them right. But when I rush through, I get at least half wrong. So the lesson is to just not let time pressure get to me and make sure I’m confident of my answers, even if I am a bit slow.

Of course, the point of doing all this practice is to get good enough at the games that I pick up my speed. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I’m shooting for at least 3 entire prep-tests each week as well. I’ve taken two tests in the last two days and got 158 on both of them.

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