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October 23, 2009

Thanks to Most Strongly Supported, I got a huge bump in readership in the last couple of days (thanks), so maybe one or two of you out there can answer me a question.

Before getting my LSAT score, I was getting a lot of mass emails from different law schools, courtesy of LSAC.org. Since getting my score, I am continuing to get these emails, and probably a bit more than before. Some of them even mention my GPA and LSAT score. Lots of them are offering application fee waivers.

The question is: Should I take this as a good sign that schools still want me? Or should I take it to mean that these are simply mass mailings and pretty much everyone is getting the same ones? Just curious. Because it would make me feel better if I believed they really wanted me. :o

Of course, while all the attention is nice, there are only two schools that matter–the ones right here in Colorado. I have yet to get an email from CU (you know, the one that’s a third of the price of DU). Hmmm.

P.S. FWIW, hubby told me that the minimum LSAT score to get into Harvard is 167. The median last year was 173. Yeah … that one’s not going to happen. Not sure I would want to try to keep up with all those braniacs anyway. Hehe.



  1. I say go for it! If you don’t, will you later wish you had?

  2. Sarah from MSS here! Glad you enjoyed the shout out. :)

    Any contact from schools where they offer to waive your application fee is a really good sign. That shows that they think you’re a competitive applicant and they want you to apply. Congratulations!

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