Thanks for the input, but…

June 3, 2009

I’ve noticed something very interesting happening, now that friends and family know of my intentions to go to law school.

First of all, not only does everyone, to a man (or woman), think it’s a fabulous idea, but they also love asking me about it. No one was terribly interested when I took my literature course this past semester, but everyone is fascinated by the prospect of law school. It actually troubles me a little bit; maybe I should have kept my mouth shut until things were more definite. I confess, I’ve had my moments of doubt since I decided to go this route, and it’s not too late to back out now. But even so, what if I don’t get admitted? It’ll all end there, and then I’ll be forced to tell everyone about it.

I’m just very intrigued by the fact that the people in my life are so intrigued by my attending law school. What is it to them, exactly?

Secondly, I’ve found that several folks seem to have their own ideas of what I should do with my law degree, once I get it. The husband has already decided on my behalf that I should be a corporate lawyer. His employer employs hundreds, if not thousands, of lawyers, and that seems like the ideal situation to him. Working in the corporate world at lawyer’s rates — what could be better?

Frankly, if I wanted to spend my days going through contracts with a fine-tooth comb, I’d stay in the editing business. I can’t imagine anything more tedious than that.

And I don’t want to be a litigation lawyer. I’m not interested in enriching myself by enriching or defending corporations.

Then I have a friend who thinks what this country needs is someone to reform the health insurance industry, and who better than … a new lawyer? It’s a subject she’s passionate about, and I certainly can agree that reform is needed, even though we disagree as to the how. But it’s not my passion, it’s hers.

So that leads to the question: what do I want to do with my law degree? It’s been difficult for even myself to answer, because I’m open to a lot of things. My absolutely ideal, dream job would be to work on behalf of Christian civil rights. I would love to be a counterpoint to organizations like the ACLU, and push back some of the evil they have worked against Christians (and conservatives) in the courts. I would be delighted to work for someone like the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ), whose stated mission is to protect religious and constitutional freedoms.

I think we need some talented, smart, conservative lawyers in this country, and I would be honored to be that person.

That would be my ideal job. If that doesn’t pan out, I’m open to other things. Mostly, I’m interested in International Law and government/politics. But you know what? When the time comes, I may have to take what I can get.

One thing’s for sure, though: I won’t be conforming to anyone else’s notions of what I should do with my career. I will follow my own heart.

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