First Steps

May 13, 2009

There probably won’t be many updates through the summer, mainly because there aren’t a lot of “action items” I have to do during that time. Things will take off in the fall. My assignments for this summer are:

1) Prepare for the LSAT. The idea is to take many practice tests and brush up on my weak areas so that I’m ready for it in October.

2) Write my personal statement. I’ve started jotting down ideas already, and I need to get a really solid one written by August or September to include with my applications. I expect this to be challenging — not the writing part, but the coming-up-with-a-compelling-story part.

I won’t know until I get the results back from the LSAT whether I even have a prayer of getting into law school. I’m shooting for at least a 170 (highest possible score is 180). It’s ambitious, but heck, I want to get in, y’know? So that’s what I’ll be up to for the next while.

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