The 30-something law student

May 12, 2009

Not many people have the advantage of taking their entire 20s and some of their 30s to decide what they want to be when they grow up.

Lucky for me, I married rich and spent the last seven or eight years at home raising my kids. (Okay, we’re not exactly rich, but it’s easier than explaining that I married a much older man and the whole sordid history.)

My youngest starts school this year, and since I scrupulously avoid all things domestic, my choices were to go back to work full-time or go back to school. (Someone’s got to provide the means of hiring the maid I intend to have one day.) And seeing that I just can’t bear the thought of writing or editing for the rest of my life — not to mention the current economy — the choice is clear. School it is.

So why law school?

After examining my options, I had it narrowed down to getting the Ph.D. in English or Law (a Master’s in English being virtually as useless as the Bachelor’s). Yes, I admit, I haven’t been spending the last 15 years or so dreaming of being a lawyer. But I have been using that time to figure out what I’m good at. No one was more surprised than I was, after a bit of research, to realize that studying law fits my skill set.

What should make all this interesting is that I am what they call a “mature student.” I’m in my 30s, and I have a husband and three kids. I’ve held real jobs before. I’ve been a volunteer in the community. These things, apparently, make me “mature.”

It also makes it scary. I’m happy enough living in a 1-room apartment and dining on Ramen noodles every night, but I’ve got a family to take care of. The challenge therefore is double-edged: can I handle it; and, can they handle it?

We shall find out.

The first obstacle, of course, is getting accepted in the first place. The decision has been made, but the admissions process has yet to begin. Therefore, this blog is starting at the verrrrry beginning. If I fail to get accepted into one of Colorado’s two law schools, it’s over for me and on to Plan B.

Plan A is to get accepted and share the scary and exciting journey with you through this blog.

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