A Little History

May 12, 2009

Upon graduating high school, I had as clear an idea of what I wanted to do with my life as I did at the age of 2. None.

I thought I wanted to be a teacher, mainly because I admired some of my teachers. So I majored in English Education because, well, I liked English in high school. After doing a few practicums, I realized that I really didn’t like working with kids. Worse, I really hated the idea of public school bureaucracy.

I realized all this during my Junior year of college, age 20, 1996. In my Senior year, I geniously decided to drop the Education part of my major and stay strictly with English. Because I was thinking of all the plentiful, high-paying English related jobs out there. (Ha.) The truth is, the thought of student teaching sent me into near panic-attacks.

It messed up my schedule though, and I promised my advisor I would finish the three courses I needed yet for my English degree at a different school and transfer them over. I was moving and wouldn’t be able to stay there to finish out at my alma mater.

Two of the courses I knocked out BAM, BAM and got them out of the way.

Then I had a baby.

You see where this is going, don’t you?

Eleven years later …

This very month I finally finished that last course, British Literature Survey I. Better late than never, I always say. I sent in my final payment for the class today, which means they will release my transcript, which means I can transfer it to my alma mater, which means I will soon be getting my diploma!

Barring any unforeseen complications.

The crazy thing is, it was all for the best. The timing couldn’t have been better. First of all, I never had so much fun taking a class in my life. I never knew Brit Lit I could be so fun, but I truly enjoyed being in the learning environment again. It’s so much sweeter when you’re all grown up.

If I had gone through with student teaching, it would naturally have led to a teaching career. If  I had finished my degree 11 years ago, it never would have occurred to me that I could go to law school. If I had never taken Brit Lit I in the year 2009, I would never have believed I had it in me to accomplish something so challenging. I never would have met the people who made me believe in myself, and I never would have completed the work that showed me where my talents lie.

Having had a brief career as a technical writer and a copyeditor; having been a stay-at-home mom for 7+ years, I have had nothing to regret by not finishing my degree earlier. Things have always been as they should be, and now I’ve been given direction for my future.

I could not be happier nor more grateful!

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